Barberry Bliss

Smooth white chocolate, joyfully shaken awake by sun dried  barberries, sunflower seeds and bio amaranth.

While exploring the effect of taste explosions mixed with soft and smooth experiences, Norman came up with a mix of White chocolate with Barberries, giving an unforgettable sensation of culinary surprise.

sunflower SEEDS

Contain an abundance of of linoleic acid,  palm acid en oleic acid. Bravely protecting you from bronchitis.


Looks like a grain but is actually a seed, and therefore gluten free. It contains (amino acids) so it is good for your skin and keeps your heart healthy.


Help you to produce more bile acids, which gives you better digestion. And that helps to get the nutrients into your system in more effectively


Totally packed with anti-oxidants, dealing with those free radicals in your body.


Does not contain flavonoids (that super-healthy stuff), but is is a great placebo for people who don’t like dark chocolate.

no nasties

Our bars are all natural; they are free of artificial colorants, flavors and fragrances . And that makes reading our packaging a lot easier.

only natural ingredients

We only use natural ingredients, without added preservatives, and above all, good and healthy. Most of the ingredients we use are so-called ‘superfoods’. If you browse the net you will find out that superfoods are life changing. “No day will be the same anymore and you are guaranteed a long and happy life where success will follow you wherever you go.”

We have summed up some of our findings next to our bars, so you are wired to their benefits. Just let us know which ones you have experienced.

NORMAN’s; shockingly tasty bars, handmade and packed with goodies, no nasties, gluten free, no nuts, low G.I.