So HOW did you think up these bars anyway?

“Blame it on my granddad”, says Norman, a perpetual innovator who inherited too many wayward genes from his ancestor – an eccentric inventor.

While working on a project in Africa, Norman realised the enormous scope of what could be created with natural tropical ingredients. Back in the Netherlands he experimented passionately, immersing himself in the art and technology of the chocolatier, while searching for the very best natural ingredients as fillings.

The delicious bonbons he developed eventually evolved into an equally tasty range of bars, containing berries, power foods and the same high quality Belgian chocolate used in his bonbons.

Is your bar FAIR-TRADE certified?

No. But we do use fair-trade certified chocolate – high-quality chocolate that comes into its own in our bars. Norman’s is more expensive than regular chocolate, because we value quality, sustainability and social responsibility, and are willing to pay for that.

Is your bar really GLUTEN-FREE?

Yes! In our chocolate studio will be no processing of cereals, and all our ingredients are gluten free. We consciously choose grainy crops (such as quinoa and amaranth) that are low-glycemic, gluten-free and high nutritive value.


You can find the nutritional value table on the side of our packaging.


Partly; our amarant and quinoa, the goji berries and sunflower kernels are certified organic. The chocolate we use is fair-trade certified. One of the conditions of Fair-trade Certification is that attention is also given to sustainability and the environment.

Are NORMAN'S bars suitable for DIABETICS?

The label ‘suitable for diabetics ‘ is no longer in general use. But our bars have a low Glycemic Index and should therefor be suitable for diabetics. The chocolate does contain sugar, rather than sugar replacers like Stevia or Xylitol, and our bars also contain dried fruit so, though the GI is low, it is recommended to eat them in moderation. Our Goji Gogo bars, with dark chocolate, are the most ideal for diabetics.
We have a number of faithful fans who are diabetics and enjoy eating our products (in moderation).

Is our PLASTIC WRAPPER organic?

No, Organic plastic will not yet degrade properly when put in to the organic rubbish can. In most western countries the seperate waste collection is put through in a good way. Plastics are processed accordingly.

Does the NORMAN'S bar contain SUGAR?

We do not add sugar to our ingredients. Our chocolate contains sugar, furthermore our berries contain natural fruit sugar.

Our bars have a low glychemic load; meaning you do not get a so-called sugar rush in your body.