Norman’s story

So how did you think up these bars anyway?
“Blame it on my granddad”, says Norman, a perpetual innovator who inherited too many wayward genes from his ancestor – an eccentric inventor. Add to this the instincts of a performer and you have a very strange mix indeed: actor, musician, TV programme maker and now chocolatier.

While working on a project in Africa, Norman realised the enormous scope of what could be created with natural tropical ingredients. Back in the Netherlands he experimented passionately, immersing himself in the art and technology of the chocolatier, while searching for the very best natural ingredients as fillings.

The delicious bonbons he developed eventually evolved into an equally tasty range of bars, containing berries, power foods and the same high quality Belgian chocolate used in his bonbons.

No Nasties

We want people to re-invent their ability to really enjoying food again . Our bars contain only natural ingredients, so no nasties. We use fair trade certified Belgian chocolate, organic amaranth and  quinoa and we carefully select the other ingredients such as our berries, seeds and spices

Who we are 

At NORMAN’S we are on fire about making the best handmade chocolate confectionery. It is initiated by Norman en Shirley Halsall, Bas de Pooter en Douwe Stavorinus.

How we work

We want to make a balanced difference in the areas we are working. This comes from our 4 core values. 

  • Social justice 
  • Sustainable 
  • Transparent 
  • Inclusivity  

Our Cooperations 

  • Workplace activities in our Chocolate studio

In our cooperation with Werktuin buitengewoon we are providing daily work activities for people not yet able to work in a regular environment.

contact and info:

  • Our chocolate

The Belgian company Callebout® is the provider of our chocolate. They work with the  Growing Great Chocolate-program, making choices for a clear buying policy for sustainable grown chocolate. The chocolate is fair trade certified.