Ginger Joy

A tasty blend of fine milk chocolate, spicy sweet ginger, chopped coconut flakes and amaranth.

This unusual mix of lovely Belgian milk chocolate and the stunning taste of sweet ginger from Fiji
is combined with chopped coconut flakes and puffed amaranth.

low g.i.

You are getting a boost of energy, without the so called ‘sugar rush’ and the energy dip afterwards. The slow release of sugar makes you stay energised for a long time.


Looks like a grain but is actually a seed, and therefore gluten free. It contains (amino acids) so it is good for your skin and keeps your heart healthy.

Coconut flakes

Built up from medium-long fatty acid chains. Your liver speedily breaks down these chains, giving a positive effect on your metabolism, making it work faster, giving you lots of energy.


Ginger helps you produce more saliva in your mouth, which gives you better digestion. And that is really good if you want to lose a few extra pounds


Chocolate contains substances which give you a physical boost! Furthermore it contains theobromine which gives you a feeling of relaxation.

Gluten free

Eliminating gluten may improve mood and relieve fatigue. it can also improve conditions ranging from digestion to thinking.

only natural ingredients

We only use natural ingredients, without added preservatives, and above all, good and healthy. Most of the ingredients we use are so-called ‘superfoods’. If you browse the net you will find out that superfoods are life changing. “No day will be the same anymore and you are guaranteed a long and happy life where success will follow you wherever you go.”

We have summed up some of our findings next to our bars, so you are wired to their benefits. Just let us know which ones you have experienced.

NORMAN’s; shockingly tasty bars, handmade and packed with goodies, no nasties, gluten free, no nuts, low G.I.